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How RICS Works

Billions of Calls

Some of the billions of calls placed in America do not reach their intended destination, such as when people call a non-working number. Rather than playing an error message, telecom carriers forward millions of these calls to Reconnect Research.


We invite callers that were transferred to Reconnect Research to participate in a RICS survey.  A surprisingly representative sample of callers complete our 20 to 36 question surveys-- as high as 1 in 8 people!

Low-Cost & Fast

RICS is about 1/2 the cost of comparable high-quality such surveys .  Our inbound call volume is so large that we can complete over 10,000 surveys a day.

How It Works: Research
Reading the Paper

How Will You Use RICS?


Callers answer closed-ended questions on RICS powerful automated phone system by either pressing keys on their phone and answer open-ended questions with their voice. 


RICS uses automated phone system to screen callers and send interested callers to a live interviewers for longer surveys.  Up to 1 in 6 screened callers will complete a 30 minute survey with a live interviewer.

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