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RICS surveys are fully customizable to provide accurate answers to important questions.

Highly Accurate

Results comparable to high quality probability phone surveys.

Low Cost

Half the cost of surveys with similar accuracy.


Complete over 10,000 surveys a day.

Academically Accepted

Published (2019) in the premier academic survey research & public opinion journal, Oxford University Press Public Opinion Quarterly.

Remarkably Representative

Highly accurate unweighted demographics, compared to many probability samples. Much more representative than opt-in Internet panels.

Rare Populations

RICS sample includes hard-to-reach people: 65+, low income, low education, African Americans & Spanish Dominant Hispanics.


Target national, regional and local geographic areas.

Reduces Social Desirability Bias

Eliminates the social desirability biases associated with interviewer-administered data collection.


Not subject to the same fraud and data quality issues found in Internet panels—RICs surveys are spontaneous without pre-intention.

How it Works

Of the billions of calls placed in America monthly, a small, yet surprisingly representative, percentage do not reach their intended destination, such as when people call a non-working number. Rather than playing an error message, telecom carriers forward over 5 Million of these calls a month to Reconnect Research and we invite these callers to participate in a survey. Reconnected Inbound Call Sampling (RICS) enables us to complete over 250,000 surveys a month.

What You’ll Get

You’ll be the first to know what people are thinking, what they are currently doing, and what they plan to do in the future. RICS answers important questions, such as; “Who will be our next President? When will people start traveling? When will people start frequenting retail establishments? Who will subscribe or cancel online subscription services?” While our work for the government and commercial clients is confidential, below are two publicly available RICS studies that accurately predicted future events.

  • In March 2020 when the CDC reported that about 50K people had Coronavirus we accurately forecasted that millions of people would contract the virus in our March 2020 Covid-19 research report.
  • In 2016, while we were still refining RICS, CNBC reported that we were the most accurate among 7 polls covered in the Florida Presidential primaries, beating out CBS News/YouGov and Quinnipiac. Hillary Clinton received 64.4 percent of the vote, and our poll had her at 65 percent.

3 Easy Steps

Person misdials and reaches a non-working number.

The call is instantly routed to Reconnect Research.

Reconnect Research plays a recorded message inviting the Caller to take a survey.