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How does it work?

You know when you dial a number and it doesn’t go through? You either hear silence or get a message that says, “Your call could not be completed as dialed – please try again”. Any idea how often that happens in the United States every day? 30 million times!

Now imagine that, instead of this message, you heard, “We’re sorry that your call could not go through as dialed, but while you are here, would you like to take a survey?” This is how the RICS system works. Phone companies route their incomplete and misdialed calls to us and we offer a survey opportunity to the caller.

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Don’t take our word

RICS may be the most rigorously tested new research methodology, tested by the academic and social research community, since the advent of online. And the consensus is that RICS does what it says on the tin: where RICS is fit for purpose, it delivers better sample and more accurate results than online and traditional phone – and, we would add, at a price that is highly cost-effective.

Here are papers and videos deriving from all their research – not by us, but by the academics and social researchers who carried them out. See what the professionals have to say about RICS.

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RICS–Quality Phone Research @ the Price of Online – YouTube

RICS new research survey methodology overview by Scott Richards, CEO of Reconnect Research.



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We are an experienced team of telecom professionals that invented a telephone research tool that helps solve two major research problems—Poor sample quality due to low response rates and the high cost of research.  We value honesty and transparency in our work and our relationships.  Our goal is to connect researchers to millions of people, many of whom may not currently participate in survey research.

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