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What is RICS?

Invented by Reconnect Research in 2014, RICS generates a very heterogeneous nonprobability sample that rivals and sometime exceeds how well the U.S. general population is represented compared to Dual-Frame Random-digit Dial (DFRDD) probability samples and provides much more representative samples than opt-in Internet surveys and panels. RICS does this at far less costs than DFRDD surveys and is a very valuable addition to market research, social science research, and political polling.

Highly Accurate

Results comparable to high quality probability phone surveys.

Low Cost

Half the cost or less of surveys with similar or lower accuracy.


Complete over 100,000 surveys per week.

Academically Accepted

Published (2019) in the premier academic survey research & public opinion journal, Oxford University Press Public Opinion Quarterly.

Remarkably Representative

Highly accurate unweighted demographics, compared to many probability samples. Much more representative than opt-in Internet panels.

Rare Populations

RICS sample includes hard-to-reach people: 65+, low income, low education, African Americans & Spanish Dominant Hispanics.


Target national, regional and local geographic areas.

Reduces Social Desirability Bias

Eliminates the social desirability biases and other measurement biases that are associated with interviewer-administered data collection.


Not subject to the same fraud and data quality issues found in Internet panels—RICs surveys are spontaneous without pre-intention.

How RICS Works

The RICS sampling technique is paired with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) data collection and samples respondents who already are using the telephone on a 24/7 basis. Essentially no other survey method gatherers data throughout all daytime and nighttime hours.

Every day, millions of ordinary people make calls to non-working numbers that don’t connect to their intended party. Instead of hearing the message, “Your call cannot be completed as dialed”, RICS invites callers to take an automated survey—About 1 in 15 callers will complete a 5-7-minute survey! For surveys requiring a live interviewer, RICS screens and connects eligible callers to live interviewers, reducing the cost of completing surveys by about 50%.

3 Easy Steps

Person misdials and reaches a non-working number.

The call is instantly routed to Reconnect Research.

Reconnect Research plays a recorded message inviting the Caller to take a survey.