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RICS-IVR Surveying:
When it is “Fit for Purpose?”

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Paul J. Lavrakas, Ph.D.

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Reconnect Research

As described by Levine, Krotki, and Lavrakas in a 2019 Public Opinion Quarterly article, Redirected-Inbound Call Sampling (RICS) is a new and highly cost-effective survey research method that is being used in the USA and that appears to be quite useful for many research purposes. RICS generates a very heterogenous nonprobability sample of persons in the geographic area being surveyed, whereby calls being made in the USA across the 24-hour day via cell phones and landlines that do not reach the party for whom they were intended, are transferred to an invitation to participate in a survey. Most often recruitment and data collection are done via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, but either or both could be done via a live recruiter-interviewer.

Discussion will be provided about the strengths and limitations of RICS-IVR surveying using a Total Survey Error perspective. Many findings from past RICS-IVR surveys, including those conducted for R&D purposes, will be shared. Of note, a RICS-IVR National Coronavirus Survey conducted in March 2020 was one of the first surveys (possibly the first) to report the high polarization between Republicans and Democrats in the USA regarding self-reported beliefs about and attitudes towards the COVID pandemic.

About the Instructor

The webinar instructor was a tenured Professor at Northwestern U. (1978-1996) and Ohio State U. (1996-2000) and was the founding faculty director of surveys centers at each university. He served as the chief research methodologist at Nielsen Media Research (2000-2007) and has been an Independent Consultant since 2007. He was elected as President of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (2012-2013) and in 2019 he received the AAPOR Award for Exceptionally Distinguished Achievement, in particular for his work during the past 35 years advancing telephone survey methods. He currently holds senior research appointments at NORC, the Michigan State U. Office for Survey Research, and the Social Research Centre at Australian National U. Since 2017, he has served on occasion as a consultant for Reconnect Research, but his work related to this webinar is gratis.