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RICS services include recruiting, screening and collecting survey data from a highly representative sample of the population or subgroups of the population, based on redirected inbound calls.

How it Works

  • Inbound calls are redirected to the RICS Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform.
  • Callers are invited to participate in a survey and are asked one or more screening questions.
  • Data collection can take place entirely on the IVR for surveys up to about 35 questions. For longer surveys, the call can be instantly transferred to a live interviewer to complete the survey.

Our Process

Once you provide us with your survey details, including your target market, field period, survey instrument, number of completed surveys desired, etc. We will then:

  • Give you an estimated cost to complete your study.
  • Provide you with suggestions on how to optimize your survey for IVR.
  • Record the IVR survey script, program the IVR and provide you a test number for approval.
  • Field the survey and collect the survey data.
  • Send you a data file in your chosen data format and delivery method.


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