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Opinion research is not getting easier. Past voting patterns no longer necessarily informs present day ones. Populism and the splintering of the main parties makes it much more difficult – and yet much more important – to accurately gauge swings in public opinion.

The need for accuracy in sampling and analysis has never been greater. And yet, methodologically, this is a really difficult time. The movement from landlines to mobile makes sampling and sample access that much more challenging. And online has not yet really cracked the code.

While coping with all of this, opinion researchers still need to turn on a dime, producing overnight findings while dealing with an ever expectant and demanding media.

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Allow us to introduce you to a new, yet academically proven, research methodology that provides highly accurate findings and lowers your costs while not compromising on time.

RICS is new phone sampling methodology that doesn’t need to worry about landline or mobile, has been proven to be as accurate as some of the gold standard government studies (e.g. CDC) and yet costs a fraction of traditional phone research. Even better, it can do all of this overnight, guaranteeing you sampling integrity with peace of mind. Find out how RICS works here.


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