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For the most part, especially where quick turnaround, tactical research is concerned, online methods serve us well.

But, now and again, there arises a need for greater sampling accuracy and representivity – say, for strategically critical studies or ones that will inform major investment decisions. At that point, online’s good enough approach really doesn’t cut it. But the alternative – traditional phone research – is expensive and, in these days of the ascent of mobile, equally problematic.

Or perhaps your need isn’t this dire, but you really need to access a population that is difficult to find through traditional methods – young African American males, recent immigrant Hispanics or the elderly. With current methods, it is both expensive and methodologically stressful to try and get a decent sample in these and other demographics.

Allow us to introduce a new, yet academically proven, phone methodology that not only is as accurate as government gold standard surveys (e.g. CDC) and yet is fast and affordable as well: RICS.

RICS allows you to sleep peacefully when you have an important strategic project or when you need to get to a hard to access population. It won’t break your budget but you can trust the results that it will bring you. How? Find out how RICS works here.