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You know when you dial a number and it doesn’t go through? You either hear silence or get a message that says, “Your call could not be completed as dialed – please try again”. Any idea how often that happens in the United States every day? 30 million times!

Now imagine that, instead of this message, you heard, “We’re sorry that your call could not go through as dialed, but while you are here, would you like to take a survey?” This is how the RICS system works. Phone companies route their incomplete and misdialed calls to us and we offer a survey opportunity to the caller.

Many people we talk to ask, “Who on earth would want to take a survey under such circumstances?” 7% of callers – that’s how many. That’s a cooperation rate that is twice that of online!  The demographics and outcomes that we get mirror so closely those of gold standard government surveys. Here’s just one example of RICS demographics over 3 years compared to the National Adult Tobacco Survey (NATS) conducted by the CDC – CLICK HERE to see RICS case study conducted by RTI International.

Now, we do admit that our samples skew just a little more than the national population towards minorities, the young and the elderly. Making sampling targeted at those populations far easier and more cost-effective than either online or traditional phone.

This really is Back to the Future in research sampling, but don’t take our word for it. You can find tons of evidence from acclaimed academics at AAPOR here and testimonials from very happy clients here.


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