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Simon Chadwick

Founder and Managing Partner, Cambiar, a leading advisor to market research firms. Former Chairman of the Insights Association

Editor-in-Chief of Research World,ESOMAR’s global magazine

For the last decade and a half, researchers have wrung their hands about sample quality while looking the other way when commissioning research. Well, now you don’t have to. Whether you are a social, opinion or market researcher, RICS is a sampling methodology that is more balanced and more accurate at its (very affordable) price point than anything else out there. What’s more, if you are after difficult to reach samples, such as the elderly or minorities, RICS is your method. It is truly “Back to the Future”.

Paul J. Lavrakas

Ph.D., Chair, 2017 AAPOR Task Force on the Future of Telephone Surveying

As noted in a 2017 AAPOR Task Force report, RICS is a completely new method for conducting telephone surveys of the general public — ones that sample, recruit, and gather data from the general public via the telephone. RICS samples include a proper balance of both cell phones and landline lines.They gather data throughout a 24-hour day and yield samples that better represent minorities and less educated adults, two important cohorts that DFRDD final samples routinely under represent. RICS yield a nonprobability sample of respondents. They yield response rates that are comparable to most DFRDD surveys. The significant appeal of RICS surveys is the short time it takes to gather large data sets and their low costs per completion. Because of the newness of the method, R&D must be carried out to better understand under what circumstances RICS is most likely to be Fit for Purpose.

Dr. David Taylor

Associate Director of the Institute for Policy and Opinion Research at Roanoke College

Scott and his team are an amazing group of people to work with! We’re a small call center at an academic institution, and they worked with us in terms of time and costs to make RICS affordable in doing a research study. Even better, they took the time to see our research presentation at the annual meeting of AAPOR (American Association for Public Opinion Research) –we’re excited to work with the RICS team again in the future!

Adam Probolsky

President , Probolsky Research

Reconnect Research is the secret weapon of market and opinion researchers. It takes a minute to understand why RICS produces such accurate results. But when it sinks in, you are sold.


Large Marketing Solutions Firm

Reconnect Research has helped us reach people that we cannot easily reach on the phone in a very unique and different way. Scott and his team worked with us over an extended period of time as the project morphed from one combination of methodologies to another to come up with a solution that works for us. As outbound calling continues to get harder and more cost prohibitive, the solution Reconnect Research has come up with is both cost efficient and very effective at reaching a broad spectrum of demographics (including some which are not as easy to reach in other modes, such as online panels).


Research Director

Major US Research Firm

We look forward to our second application of your ground breaking data collection methodology.


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