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California’s Real
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What is California’s Real Opinion?

California’s Real Opinion is a monthly shared-cost telephone survey used to measure the opinions and the behaviors of Californians 18+. To ensure good coverage of the California population, the survey is conducted in English and Spanish, on both mobile and landline phones. 1,000 Californians 18+ complete the survey.

Our surveys are so accurate that they are used by several State Governments.

Will you answer my unique questions?

Yes. We will include your, and other clients’, questions in the survey. We then launch one unified survey and provide you results in a few days. Since you only pay for the questions that you ask, costs are kept very low. All answers to your questions are exclusively yours.

How do I get started?

  1. Provide us with the question(s) that you’d like to ask in the survey.
  2. We’ll give you expert help in developing your questions.
  3. We’ll give you your results within 3 days of completing the survey
    • Your answers are weighted by demographics (Including gender, age, race/ethnicity, education, and income) to match the California population
    • You’ll get a PowerPoint presentation & crosstabs of your results
    • Survey data export in CSV, R, JSON, or SPSS format

What does it cost?

You can ask one or more questions in the survey. If you ask 3 or more questions, it’s only $795 per question. You will get the answers to your questions broken down by demographics (gender, age, race, education, and income). In comparison, conducting a similar high-quality survey by yourself can cost over $20,000. No other survey offers you this much for such a low cost…

*3 or more questions are priced at $795/question

Questions can be yes/no, multiple choice (with up to 5 answers) or a number range.

Who participates in California’s Real Opinion?

We invite millions of Californians, who make calls that do not reach their intended destination, to take a survey.  For instance, when a person misdials and reaches a non-working or disconnected number, rather than playing an error message such as, “Your call couldn’t be completed…” we invite the caller to take a survey with a message such as, “You’ll call couldn’t be completed but would you please take this survey…”. About 1 in 17 people complete our automated telephone surveys. Our survey methodology is called Redirected Inbound Call Sampling (RICS).

Can I rely on your results?

Yes. RICS is so accurate that it is used by several State Governments to measure health outcomes. Our accuracy is primarily due to the diversity of the people that answer our survey. Virtually everyone that uses a phone will occasionally misdial or call a disconnected number. Since no one signs up to take our surveys they are organic and spontaneous. In fact, prior to making the call, people didn’t even intend to take a survey. Our survey solves some of the problems with online surveys.

How can California’s Real Opinion help?

  • Public Opinion/Behavior
    • Gauge Public opinion on the economy, safety, politics, and similar topics
    • Learn about consumer behaviors regarding shopping, health, and exercise
    • Measure awareness about policies and other issues
  • Advertising
    • Measure Advertising Recall
    • Pre-test ad messaging before advertising
  • Product/Service/Brand
    • Test a new concept
    • Narrow down a list of product & service ideas
    • Estimate Market size
    • Estimate Potential demand
    • Learn about Awareness, Trial, Purchase (ATP)
    • Estimate Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Other Uses
    • A/B testing multiple versions of survey questions
    • Refine your customer profile
    • Measure Crisis response

Survey timeline.

The survey is conducted once per month. Questions are due by 5p PST on the second Thursday of the month. The survey starts on the following Wednesday and ends on Sunday. You’ll receive your results by 5p PST on the following Wednesday.

What do Professional Researchers Want to Know about RICS?

RICS consistently generates demographically heterogeneous non-probability samples that gain proportionally more African Americans, Spanish-speaking Hispanics, lower educational attainment, and younger adults than most other general population sampling methods, including many probability sampling methods, but especially ones used for opt-in online survey panels. To read more see the Oxford Press Public Opinion Quarterly article, “Redirected Inbound Telephone Call Sampling (RICS) Telephone Surveying Via A New Survey Sampling Paradigm”.

Answers to your questions will be broken down by the following:


Additional Data

The problem with online surveys.

Online surveys can prove problematic. Respondents from online surveys can be fundamentally different in terms of their opinions than the general population. No amount of weighting can correct these inherent differences. Furthermore, online surveys suffer from digital divides and recruitment issues. Older Americans and people living in rural areas are less likely to take online surveys. This increases the cost per survey complete and reduces the representativeness of the sample. Our survey avoids many measurement errors related to panel fatigue and from “professional” survey takers.

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