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Download: Redirected Inbound Call Sampling (RICS)– An Example of Fit for Purpose Non-probability Sample Design

RTI International - Reconnect Research Case Study

RTI International case study presented at the FCSM Research and Policy Conference in March 2018. The survey instrument used in the RTI International case study below is based on a 27-question survey instrument that mimics questions from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) adult sample.

RICS is…

  • Low cost—About one-tenth the cost compared to outbound telephone sampling.
  • Quick—Can collect data on thousands of respondents a day.
  • Low Burden—The respondent is already on the phone.


 Good Fits for RICS Methodology

  • Short survey instrument (up to 35 questions) and simple questions.
  • Target geographies comprised of an area code or groups of area codes.
  • Minimal Screening Criteria (extensive screening increases costs).
  • Examples include Surveillance of population after a natural disaster (Hurricane Harvey) or a national or state surveillance of gastroenteritis (stomach flu).


Next Steps

  • Develop the capacity to screen inbound callers with IVR and recruit to a web-instrument
  • Evaluate the stability of the estimates in repeated cross-sectional studies.
  • Evaluate the best use of the IVR system; Enter data with keypad, conversational IVR, or both.
  • Evaluate bias in RICS surveys that use redirected toll, verses toll-free numbers.
  • Develop and evaluate different weighting approaches—Orthogonal to the demographic distributions used calibration correlated to the study outcomes.





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