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Inbound Calling Surveys – Evolution? Revolution?…You Decide

The Bad News – Outbound Phone Research is Hard
Let’s face it, outbound phone market research is harder than ever before! It’s difficult to get the right people on the phone, since almost everyone screens their calls and robo-dialing cell phones is prohibited by the TCPA (58% of U.S. households mostly/only use cell phones). This makes phone research costly, time consuming and not fully representative.

The Good News – Inbound Phone Research is Easy
There is a new quick, easy, and safe way to conduct phone market research called Inbound Calling Survey (ICS). Reconnect Research created a platform that connects people already on the phone, to market research surveys.

People Already on the Phone?
In America and Canada, over 5 billion calls a month do not reach their intended destination. These are called “MIDI Calls”. Callers that make MIDI calls can now be invited to participate in a research survey.


Triple Win
Market research, callers and telecom carriers all win with MIDI Calls . Market researchers can quickly and cost effectively conduct phone surveys, callers can have their voices heard and receive rewards and telecom carriers make, rather than lose millions on MIDI calls.

What is the quality of the data from people that make MIDI calls ?
Regardless of how fast, cost effective or safe a new research methodology is, if the data quality does not measure up to commonly accepted standards then that new methodology is worthless. The rest of this article will focus on data quality.

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