Research Survey Service FAQ

Q. How does the research survey process work?

A. Reconnect Research invites inbound callers who have placed a MIDI call to participate in a brief survey while already on the phone.  The survey service screens them by gender, age, education, ethnicity, race and geography. The survey is conducted by either IVR (interactive voice response), mobile/the Web or live agent.

Q. What is a MIDI call?

A. Any call that is either Misdialed, Incomplete, Disconnected, or Inbound.

Q. What is Reconnect Research’s unique research survey service?

A. Reconnect Research has developed a technology that connects MIDI (misdialed, incomplete, disconnected, inbound) calls to research surveys. The company captures the calls and routes the callers into answering poll questions.

Before Reconnect Research, no one benefited from MIDI calls. The caller didn’t connect to their intended party and the carrier didn’t profit from the telephone traffic. Utilizing MIDI calls for research turns MIDI calls into a triple win: for consumers, carriers, and researchers.

Q. How come Reconnect Research is the only company doing this?

A. For 18 years, Scott Richards was the CEO of Dial800, a leading provider of memorable 800 numbers along with call routing and call tracking to optimize TV and radio advertising.

Richard’s aha moment for the Inbound Calling Survey came when he realized that phone carriers and researchers have the same problem that can be fixed if they work together. If carriers don’t complete calls, they don’t make money. If researchers don’t complete surveys, they don’t make money. Reconnect Research developed this groundbreaking platform that completes calls from carriers and provides highly representative responses to researchers.

Q. Why conduct a survey with you and not through the general population of landline phone users?

A. Reconnect Research has access to 100 million MIDI calls per month, and because people are already on the phone and receptive to stay on the line and respond to the survey. Reconnect Research found that 14.5 percent of people stayed on the phone long enough to complete a three-minute survey.

One can get more accurate polling and customer research data from this group of MIDI calls, rather than relying only on the population of landline phone users.

Q. Do you provide a typical sample?

A. The chances of being disconnected from a phone call are basically random, and the Reconnect Research way is a better method of getting a typical sample of Americans than almost anything else, including the typical outbound robo-dialing approach.

Q. Could the Reconnect Research polling method be used for bigger things including philanthropy, etc?

A. The possibilities are endless.  Reconnect Research can be utilized for a wide variety of polls and research surveys.  

Q. Can people trust Reconnect Research?

A. Reconnect Research adheres to the codes of ethics of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), of which it is a member, as well as to other industry associations‘ codes to ensure the utmost adherence to quality and ethical data practices.  The AAPOR Code of Practices is based in fundamental ethical principles that apply to the conduct of research regardless of an individual’s membership in AAPOR or any other organization. Adherence to the principles and actions set out in the Code is expected of all public opinion and survey researchers.

AAPOR members pledge to maintain the highest standards of scientific competence, integrity, accountability, and transparency in designing, conducting, analyzing, and reporting their work, and in interactions with participants, clients, and the users of the research.  Members pledge to act in accordance with principles of basic human rights in research. They further pledge to reject all tasks or assignments that would require activities inconsistent with the principles of this Code.

Q. How does Reconnect Research decide who gets which survey?

A. Reconnect Research has an algorithm based on incident rates.  Among other qualifiers, this is the piece that makes Inbound Calling Surveys work.

Q. Why does Reconnect Research think the consumer is willing to take the surveys?

A. The key reason that people stay on the phone and participate is because they were the ones who initiated the call. Rather than being interrupted from an outbound or robocall based on a time frame out of their control, the consumer is already on the phone and has allocated time to talk.

Q. If we wanted to test out your program, how can we send you calls?

A. We work with you, based on your needs.  Usually, call traffic is sent via SIP endpoint, or we provide a DID to send your traffic.

Q. From a Carrier perspective, how can the traffic we send you be monitored? 

A. There is full transparency through your online portal access, where you’ll be able to see and track all call volume being utilized for the Inbound Calling Surveys.

Q. How long is an agreement with Reconnect Research?

A. Typical agreements are 30-days, but depending on the breadth of the project, they can be many months in time.

Q. How many surveys can be taken at the same time?

A. We can process millions of calls simultaneously using the Inbound Calling Survey platform.



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