Redirected Inbound Call Sampling

Telephone Research Methodology

RICS Mission is to provide telephone research with precision, and at a fraction of the time and cost of outbound DFRDD surveying. Compared to DFRDD, RICS yields unweighted samples that more closely match the characteristics of the general population

RICS is an inbound call sampling tool, where the respondent initiates the call.


Low Cost
50% Less than
comparable DFRDD.

Thousands of
completes a day.

Rare Populations
Best paired with
high incident surveys.

Trying RICS is Easy

We’ll give you a cost/time estimate for your survey once we know your target audience, number of questions, completes desired, field period and any other special requirements.

We had an UWE of 1.14… I was shocked… I’ve fielded well over 100 outbound telephone surveys and I’ve never had results that matched the population this nicely. Burton Levine, RTI International-presenting at AAPOR 71st Annual Conference May, 2016, Austin, TX.

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