Survey Process

Reconnect Research connects U.S. and Canadian callers, already on the phone, to research surveys and political polls. We provide survey design and scripting to optimize completion rates. Our services include:

  • Sample—people already on the phone,
  • IVR[1] programming to Client’s specifications
  • Professionally recorded voice prompts
  • Detailed Reporting (see below)

How does Inbound Calling Survey Work?

The caller is invited to participate in a Survey, via our IVR, and is screened according to the client supplied survey details. The Survey is conducted via:

  • IVR The caller is given the survey on the IVR
  • Web The caller is texted a link to complete a web/mobile survey
  • Live The caller is transferred directly to a live interviewer
  • Rewards Platform (optional)

To optimize the completion rate, clients can utilize our turnkey rewards platform.

  • Collects name, address, email
  • Emails respondents reward code
  • Processes reward
  • Offers respondents to participate in future surveys


Reconnect Research provides complete call detail records, including call time/date, caller phone number, city, state, and zip, phone type (cell/landline), and crosstabs with caller’s answers. We can customize the reporting granularity, timing, and delivery in client’s chosen format.

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Test Your Survey

Use our ETA process to successfully launch your next political poll or research project.

We’ll estimate the number of applicable respondents, launch a 10,000 call survey test, then deliver a comprehensive results report.

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