PAPOR Mini Conference

CEO Scott Richards is speaking at the PAPOR Mini Conference at the Bechtel Conference Center in San Francisco, California. “Redirected Inbound Call Sampling (RICS) – A New Survey Research Tool—Scott Richards, Reconnect Research” will start at 10:40am on June 23rd.

All about public opinion: Reconnect Research’s Richards to learn the latest at AAPOR

Reconnect Research CEO Scott Richards,  Dial800 CEO James Diorio, and Jennifer Powell, Director of marketing will all be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming  72nd annual conference for the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) May 18-21 in New Orleans. The company is a Gold Sponsor for and will exhibit its services at the

Phone Surveys and Political Polls from Incomplete and Misdialed Calls Prove Potent in Political Polling, Says Wall Street Journal

Research methodology that can successfully (and accurately) complete thousands of phone surveys daily is another tool available for political campaigns this year, thanks to amenable survey subjects who don’t mind participating because they’re already on the phone. Los Angeles-based Reconnect Research, a marketing research firm that polls those who misdial telephone numbers or reach one

Reconnect Research featured in GreenBook Blog

My first job in market research was in 2001 as Director of Call Center Operations for a healthcare-focused MR firm. We did NCQA CAHPS studies using a rigid CATI sampling method, and we sold excess capacity as a field & tab provider for other research companies. We also were bidding on… read more…

Reconnect Research (Los Angeles Business Journal, Jul 25 2016)

  As election season heats up, opinion polls are on everyone’s mind. Surveying the public’s views on any topic has always been a difficult process, plagued by labor-intensive phone banking and inaccurate samples of the population. But 3-year-old…read more…   GARRETT REIM Staff reporter Garrett Reim can be reached at or (323) 5495225, ext.

Mention of Reconnect Research in The Kiplinger Letter

Reconnect Research is honored to be included in The Kiplinger Letter June 10th, 2016 publication – Vol. 93, No. 23 Calling a disconnected number? Many Americans do so each month. Chances are you may be redirected to a pollster or market researcher who will ask you to answer a few questions in exchange for, say,

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