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CNBC’s Survey results on Facebook Regulation and Data Security

Reconnect Research survey results are featured in the latest article from CNBC: Facebook users join call for regulation. Most Facebook users think the platform will take steps to secure their personal data from misuse. But they also support governmental regulation of the use of personal data on social media. Read the full article here! Nick

Reconnect Research Partners with GRIT CPR

Reconnect Research was recently included in the GRIT Report by  The following is an excerpt from the Greenbook site explaining this report’s purpose: “Although respondent engagement is crucial to our industry, according to findings from the most recent GRIT Report, most research companies do not consider respondent user experience a high priority. To create

Reconnect Research featured in GreenBook Blog

My first job in market research was in 2001 as Director of Call Center Operations for a healthcare-focused MR firm. We did NCQA CAHPS studies using a rigid CATI sampling method, and we sold excess capacity as a field & tab provider for other research companies. We also were bidding on… read more…

Reconnect Research (Los Angeles Business Journal, Jul 25 2016)

  As election season heats up, opinion polls are on everyone’s mind. Surveying the public’s views on any topic has always been a difficult process, plagued by labor-intensive phone banking and inaccurate samples of the population. But 3-year-old…read more…   GARRETT REIM Staff reporter Garrett Reim can be reached at or (323) 5495225, ext.

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