Los Angeles-based Reconnect Research, is connecting people already on the phone with political polls and surveys. The new Inbound Calling Survey platform gives researchers fast, honest answers, while providing a consumer-friendly solution to collecting responses.

Reconnect Research’s platform is a brand new technology that connects MIDI calls (misdialed, incomplete, disconnected, inbound)to research surveys, and political polls.

The technology behind the platform is complex, but the process is simple:

U.S. and Canadian telephone carriers route in excess of 150 billion calls per month, 5 to 10 billion of which never connect to their intended destination. These are called MIDI calls. MIDI is an acronym for Misdialed, Incomplete, Disconnected, and Inbound.   Until Reconnect Research, MIDI calls have been a big expense for carriers.

Researchers on the other hand are having a very difficult time getting consumers to respond to phone surveys as most people screen their calls. In fact, response rates to phone surveys are at a historic low. This is why about 70% of research today is done online.

Utilizing our national carrier network, now when a carrier receives a MIDI call, rather than playing an intercept message and hanging up on the caller we insert a simple message inviting the person to participate in a survey. To provide the right survey, people are asked a few demographic questions like age, gender & ethnicity. As an incentive to take a survey, people can earn 25 Dining Dollars to save money at restaurants nationwide.

Case Study – A look at the Data:

A leading research firm, that primarily does health research for the U.S. government, conducted a case study examining the efficacy of Inbound Calling Survey (ICS).   They compared ICS to the Center for Disease Control BRFSS National health survey. BRFSS is the largest and longest running health survey in America.

The study revealed that ICS was about 45% closer to the U.S. Census Bureau demographic profile for Americans than the CDC. Additionally, the answers provided by ICS respondents virtually mirrored those of the BRFSS study, which shows that people are answering honestly.

Professional Memberships


Scott Richards, CEO of Reconnect Research is proud to be a member and agrees to the AAPOR’s code of professional ethics and practice.  AAPOR is an association of individuals who share an interest in survey research, qualitative and quantitative research methods, and public opinion data. Members come from academia, media, government, the non-profit sector and private industry.


Insights Association Member

Insights Association is the largest such organization based in the U.S. Committed to maintaining the integrity, strength, and viability of the marketing research and analytics industry.



Reconnect Research has the privilege of working with both the research industry, as well as carriers. Formerly known as COMPTEL, INCOMPAS is the leading trade association for competitive networks. INCOMPAS represents communications and technology companies large and small, advocating for laws and policies that promote competition, innovation and economic development.

*Descriptions of each organization are direct from organizations’ membership or about pages.

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