2018 AAPOR Case Studies

AAPOR 73rd Annual Conference

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What is RICS?

RICS, Redirected Inbound Call Sampling, is new non-probability survey research method for rapidly conducting low-cost telephone surveys of the general public or subgroups of the public (cf. Lavrakas, Benson, Blumberg, Buskirk, Cervantes Flores, et al., 2017).

About 1 billion calls a month in America do not reach their intended destination. RICS uses these incomplete and misdialed calls to conduct telephone survey research by changing the recorded message from “Please hang up” to “Please answer a survey”. About 1 in 15 people complete a national, general population 20-30 question RICS survey.

Below, please find the RICS research findings from RTI International, NORC at the University of Chicago, Abt Associates and Roanoke College presented at the 2018 AAPOR conference in Denver.


RTI International:

Comparison Between RICS and Outbound Telephone Surveys

RTI shows that over 3 years RICS produced highly consistent results, similar to outbound telephone calling. About 1 in 15 callers completed the survey. Download Presentation

Burton Levine, Karol Krotki

NORC at the University of Chicago:

Did it Work? Findings from a Flu Pilot Study Using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Live Interviewers

NORC highlights that RICS can be used as a screener to send callers to live agents. Download Presentation

Vicki J. Pineau, Benjamin Skalland, and Gillian Lawrence



Abt Associates:

Fit for Purpose Surveys in the Wake of a Natural Disaster: Examining the use of RICS after Hurricane Harvey

ABT found RICS to be fast and cost effective in providing post disaster (Hurricane Harvey) results. Download Presentation

David Roe, Stas Kolenikov, Michael Link, Faith Lewis, and Andrew Burkey



Roanoke College:

Examining Polling Accuracy and Representativeness Across Varying Survey Methodologies with Simultaneously-Collected Data

Roanoke learned that RICS was closer to outbound calling than online panels and Google Consumer surveys. Download Presentation


David G. Taylor, Alice L. Kassens, and Harry L. Wilson





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