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 Redirected Inbound Call Sampling

Fresh, Random, Representative Sample.

RICS is new survey research method for rapidly conducting low-cost telephone surveys of the general public or subgroups of the public (cf. Lavrakas, Benson, Blumberg, Buskirk, Cervantes Flores, et al., 2017).

The RICS sample is drawn from the ~1Bill incomplete and misdialed calls made each month in America (20 Billion worldwide) thus giving RICS more sample diversity than both online opt-in panels and outbound calling.

The RICS IVR plays a message inviting the caller to complete a survey and informs the caller that their call could not be completed and was redirected to a survey.

Connecting People Already on the Phone with
Political Polls and Research Surveys

How Inbound Calling Surveys Work

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The technology is complex, but the process is simple:

Use MIDI Calls for your Research

MIDI is an acronym for a misdialed, incomplete or disconnected call.


The caller entered one or more incorrect digits and therefore didn’t reach their intended party.


The caller received a busy signal, or due to technical difficulties, the call did not complete.


The caller called a phone number that is no longer in service.


A call that is initiated by the caller rather than the market research company.

MIDI Calls are a Triple Win

Until now no one benefited from MIDI calls. The caller didn’t connect to their intended party and the carrier didn’t profit from the telephone traffic. Utilizing MIDI calls for research turns MIDI calls into a triple win.

  • Consumers – A positive alternative to Robocalls, consumers can share their opinion, and get a reward.
  • Carriers – Profit rather than lose from MIDI call telephone traffic.
  • Researchers – Get quality data at a lower cost with faster data collection and analysis.
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